Finding Hope in God (EM)

About twenty years ago, a terror struck New York, left many including Christian and non Christians a like, in seeking for an answer to the terror in fear.

Sadly violence and terrorism were not new to the people but eye-witnessing planes crushing down into Twin Towers and innocent lives being lost made it hard not to imagine there was not some sort of spiritual message lurking around them. Some questioned if the terror attack were a divine punishment for the sinful city.

It may be an appealing way to find remedy in fear but such explanation should not exclude the nature of God who mourned the hurt and the broken.

The Bible contains many stories of injustice, tragedy, and suffering inflicted on God’s people. The afflicted people respond with all the emotions we would expect, anger, disbelief, fear, and even doubt in God’s rule and sovereignty.

These are the same emotions flood through our minds even today, twenty years after the event, we still remember watching those twin towers fall. However, again and again, the Bible writers remind us something hard to believe that God is in control, and the most important spiritual response to tragedy is to search for God’s love and incomprehensible faithfulness.

To turn your face to God in the aftermath of tragedy is to defy the power of evil and injustice, and to place your hope in the One who can bring good out of even the most horrifying disaster.

As we think back on the 9/11 attacks today and in the future, may your sorrow and mourning transform to the unshakable hope of Jesus Christ.

God Bless

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